Episode 409: Armur Health – an interview with Alexandra Brook-Clark


Welcome to a deeply inspiring episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, where we sit down with Alexandra Brook-Clark, a resilient Lyme disease warrior, who has transformed her battle with Lyme into a mission of helping others. Residing in Marblehead, Massachusetts, Alexandra shares her incredible journey from blissful days in Brooklyn, New York, to facing the stark realities of Lyme disease and co-infections. Now, at 39, Alexandra’s story is not just about struggle; it’s about overcoming, learning, and thriving. Emma Pikoulas joins Matt Sabatello as a special guest co-host for this powerful interview.

Alexandra’s Background:

  • Name: Alexandra Brook-Clark
  • Age: 39
  • Location: Marblehead, Massachusetts
  • Professional Background: Transitioned from a decade in the fashion industry to working in Workers Compensation Risk Management for her family’s company. Alexandra has also embraced a role as a Lyme disease advocate, organically offering guidance and support to others affected by Lyme and tick-borne diseases.

Pre-Lyme Life: Alexandra reminisces about her life before Lyme—full of social engagements, work success, and joy with her husband Patrick, son August, and their dog Zeus in Brooklyn, NY. Her life, seemingly perfect, was abruptly interrupted by Lyme disease.

Lyme Disease Onset: At 36, Alexandra’s world turned upside down. Post hip surgery and at the cusp of the COVID-19 pandemic, she began experiencing unexplainable and debilitating symptoms. Despite numerous misdiagnoses and a journey through the complexities of the healthcare system, her relentless pursuit for answers led her to self-order an IGENIX test, which confirmed Lyme alongside multiple co-infections.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

  • Age at Diagnosis: 37
  • Diagnostic Path: Negative results on the Western blot, a positive breakthrough with IGENIX.
  • Treatment Journey: Began with antibiotics and herbs under Dr. Casey Kelley's care, transitioning to a holistic and herbal approach with Dr. Linda Tao at the Morrison Center in New York, augmented by innovative therapies such as ozone IV, glutathione, and more.

Life Post-Diagnosis: Alexandra shares the profound changes Lyme disease brought to her life, from PTSD and fears of the outdoors to a newfound appreciation for life’s simplicity and the importance of treating her body with kindness. Despite the ongoing challenges, including a battle with mold intolerance, Alexandra stands at 95% of her pre-Lyme self, actively working and enjoying a revitalized social life.

Healing Strategies: Emphasizing the importance of the brain-body connection, Alexandra credits her recovery to retraining her brain, alongside an arsenal of therapies including cold plunging, sauna sessions, and rigorous detoxification routines.

Advice to Others: For those battling Lyme, Alexandra offers hope and assurance of healing. Her preventive advice underscores the importance of vigilance against ticks, advocating for proactive measures like regular tick checks and the use of protective sprays.

Armur Health: Alexandra runs Armur, providing access to community support, expert advice, and a wealth of information to empower individuals on their journey to recovery from Lyme and other chronic infections.

Conclusion: Alexandra Brook-Clark’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience, the importance of self-advocacy in health, and the transformative impact of a supportive community. Her story not only sheds light on the complexities of Lyme disease but also inspires hope and action in the face of adversity.

Closing Remarks: Thank you for tuning in to this compelling episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast with Alexandra Brook-Clark. Her courage, insights, and advice offer invaluable lessons on navigating Lyme disease with hope and determination. Join us next time as we continue to share stories of triumph and transformation in the battle against tick-borne illnesses.