Episode 396: Lyme Unmasked – an interview with Heidi Hayes



  • Rich Johannsen, co-host, welcomes the audience to the Tick Boot Camp Podcast.
  • Rich introduces guest co-host Maria Mooney, who is filling in for Matt Sabatello.
  • Maria and Rich express their excitement about having Heidi Hayes as a guest on the show.

Getting to Know Heidi Hayes

  • Heidi shares her background, growing up in Southern Ontario near Toronto and Buffalo.
  • The conversation touches on Heidi’s early life, being a good student, and her vision of becoming an entrepreneur to make a positive impact on the world.

Heidi’s Health Journey

  • Heidi discusses her health journey, initially experiencing immune dysfunction and a lack of energy.
  • The discussion includes Heidi’s diagnosis of Lyme disease, her initial relief at finding an explanation for her health issues, and her trust in the medical system.
  • Heidi highlights the challenges faced by individuals with chronic illnesses within the healthcare system.

Lyme Disease Complexity

  • The conversation delves into the complexity of Lyme disease, considering the diverse nature of tick bites and the range of symptoms.
  • Heidi emphasizes the importance of understanding the various elements that contribute to Lyme disease’s complexity.

The Search for Effective Treatment

  • Heidi shares her journey to find effective treatment for Lyme disease and related issues.
  • She discusses her experience with mold toxins, her visit to the Venn Med Clinic in Toronto, and the challenges she faced in finding the right treatment plan.
  • Heidi highlights the role of Dr. Donald Dennis in her journey and the positive impact of her treatment.

Life After Treatment

  • The discussion explores Heidi’s life after successful treatment, including her gradual recovery and newfound abilities.
  • Heidi talks about her ability to exercise and the importance of celebrating small victories during the healing process.

Lyme Disease Awareness and Advocacy

  • The conversation shifts to Lyme disease awareness and advocacy efforts.
  • Heidi encourages individuals to advocate for themselves and seek proper testing and treatment.
  • The importance of raising awareness within the community is discussed, as well as the value of sharing personal stories to support others.

Closing Remarks

  • Rich, Maria, and Heidi express their gratitude for the opportunity to discuss Lyme disease awareness and advocacy.
  • They encourage listeners to get tested and advocate for their health, emphasizing the importance of early detection and treatment.


  • Rich thanks the audience for tuning in to the Tick Boot Camp Podcast.
  • He invites listeners to explore more episodes and resources on Lyme disease awareness and advocacy.