Episode 380: Walk the Lyme – an interview with TJ Nelson

  • Introduction
    • Special guest introduction: TJ Nelson from Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Spotlight: Ashley Marba special guest co-host
    • Background: TJ’s Utah roots, his worldwide travels, and his ongoing Lyme journey
  • The Early Years: High School to College
    • TJ’s challenges during his high school to college transition
    • Personal tragedies: His parents’ separation and the loss of his brother
    • Mental health struggles and the initial steps taken
  • Diving into International Waters
    • TJ’s leap into international entrepreneurship: From Thailand to Chile
    • Introduction to DominateDepression.com: TJ’s initiative to battle mental health issues
    • A brief reflection on the beauty of other cultures and their community-driven approach
  • Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Mycoplasma
    • The Bartonella problem: Unraveling the mysterious stomach scratch
    • The turning point in San Diego: TJ’s appointment with a pivotal doctor
    • Challenges with Western medication: A patient’s perspective
  • Deep Dive into Alternative Treatments
    • TJ’s take on ozone therapy and its benefits
    • The intense experiences with hyperthermia and its impact on Lyme symptoms
    • The power and potential of stem cells in treating Lyme
    • Experimenting with peptides: thymosin alpha, thymosin beta, LL-37, BPC-157, and more.
  • The Psychedelics Conversation
    • An open discussion about the growing interest in psychedelics for treating chronic ailments
    • How altering brain states can pave the way for new, healing neural pathways
  • Other Avenues Explored
    • The Cowden Protocol: A herbal approach to Lyme
    • Bee Venom Therapy (BVT): The buzz around its effectiveness for TJ
    • Dietary shifts: From carnivore diets to other alternative food plans
  • Walk the Lyme: A Closer Look at TJ’s Book
    • The inspiration behind Walking the Lyme and its core message
    • Aiming to provide hope, validation, and a guiding light to those battling Lyme
    • TJ’s business side: Balancing health while scaling ventures
  • Mental Wellbeing and Future Plans
    • Emphasis on parasympathetic activities: Neurofeedback, meditation, and yoga
    • TJ’s goals: A sneak peek into his aspirations and the road to achieving them
  • Conclusion
    • Ashley’s heartwarming reflection on TJ’s resilience and growth journey
    • Final remarks from the host and looking ahead to future episodes