Episode 379: Unyielding Spirit – an interview with Nina Yaguala



  • Host Rich Johannesen and special guest co-host Emma Pikoulas introduce the episode and the long-awaited interview with Nina Yagual.

Nina’s Background:

  • Nina shares the unexpected tale of her birth in New York and growing up in Central Florida.
  • Discussion about her childhood in Florida, the environment, and memories.

The Onset of Lyme:

  • Nina recalls being 24 when symptoms first appeared.
  • The incident with a tick bite and the immediate aftermath.
  • Nina’s early medication journey: experiences with Doxycycline and initial treatments.

Diagnosis & Validation:

  • The struggles of not having health insurance and the subsequent journey to get diagnosed.
  • Nina’s experience with an herbal protocol.
  • The importance and significance of a formal diagnosis and the emotional relief it brought.

Embracing a New Lifestyle:

  • Nina’s transformative journey: recognizing triggers, managing stress, and the significance of diet.
  • An in-depth look into her new custom herbal blends tailored to her needs.
  • The essence of decluttering and creating a calming environment at home.

Acceptance & Relationships:

  • Nina’s approach to establishing boundaries and managing social interactions.
  • Embracing freedom from societal constraints and focusing on personal well-being.
  • The power of emotions and how Nina used them as tools in her healing journey.

Serving the Lyme Community:

  • Nina’s ongoing outreach on platforms like Instagram.
  • The significance of a safe, organized space, especially for those with chronic illness.
  • Nina’s previous interactions with Lyme patients before her own diagnosis.


  • The hosts reflect on the episode and express gratitude for Nina’s insights.
  • Emphasizing the importance of early detection and treatment of Lyme.

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Note: The show notes provide a summarized overview of the podcast episode. For a complete understanding and more in-depth discussions, please tune in!