Episode 377: Tick Mitt – an interview with Olivia and Steve Abrams


Join us and special guest co-host Ali Moresco in a riveting episode as we sit down with Olivia and Steve Abrams, the brains behind the innovative Tick Mitt. With tick-borne illnesses on the rise, the Abrams share their personal experiences and insights into the world of ticks and Lyme disease and introduce us to a game-changing product.


  • Introduction to Olivia and Steve Abrams from Tick Mitt
  • Tick Mitt’s success in just four months
  • Co-host Ali Moresco joins the conversation
  • A deep dive into Steve’s childhood and experience with ticks
  • The changing landscape of Lyme disease awareness
  • Olivia’s personal journey with Lyme disease
  • The importance of Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Introduction to Tick Mitt – A solution to tick worries
  • The science behind Tick Mitt
  • Benefits and usage of Tick Mitt
  • Tick Mitt’s affordable price point
  • Olivia and Steve’s ongoing health after Lyme disease
  • Olivia’s academic journey and her drive to be a social entrepreneur

Mentioned in this Episode:

Episode Wrap-up: The Tick Boot Camp podcast wishes to thank Olivia and Steve Abrams for their insightful discussion on the challenges and nuances of Lyme disease. Their invention, the Tick Mitt, promises to revolutionize how we approach tick prevention. Don’t forget to check out their website and incorporate the Tick Mitt into your daily tick-check routine! Stay safe and tick-free!