Episode 376: My Lyme Doc – an interview with Doctor Diane Mueller


In this episode of our Tick Boot Camp Podcast, we welcome back Dr. Diane Mueller, a leading voice in Lyme disease treatment, and co-host Michelle McKeon, a specialist in tick-borne infections and environmental toxins.

Introduction: Dr. Diane Mueller makes a much-anticipated return to our community to discuss updates in her practice. Joining her is Michelle McKeon, who specializes in Lyme disease co-infections and environmental toxins.

Treatment Approach: Dr. Mueller shares her four-phase method for dealing with complex tick-borne and environmental illness scenarios, focusing on understanding the body’s needs before implementing treatment.

Lifestyle Adjustment: Dr. Mueller explains the importance of lifestyle changes such as the incorporation of daily movement and the benefits of managing stress.

Mental Health Aspect: We delve into the realm of mental health, discussing the crucial role of asking the right questions to promote healing.

Exploring Peptides: Dr. Mueller shares her insights into the potential benefits of peptides, specifically KPV and BPC-157, for helping manage Lyme disease symptoms and promoting healing.

Managing Persister Cells: Learn about persister cells, the dormant form of Lyme disease, and the strategies Dr. Mueller uses to combat them, such as pulsation therapy and autologous immune enhancement therapy.

Dr. Mueller’s Book: Dr. Mueller has released a new edition of her book, "It’s Not in Your Mind". She shares some of the key differences and additional topics covered in the new edition.

My Libido Doc: Dr. Mueller introduces her new practice, "My Libido Doc", a platform designed to address relationship and sexual health issues often affected by Lyme disease.

Mold and Mycotoxins: The discussion delves into the dangers of mold and mycotoxins, testing, and potential treatment options.

Supporting Mitochondrial Health: Finally, Dr. Mueller provides tips on how to support mitochondrial health, which is crucial for overall wellness, especially when dealing with chronic illness.