Episode 372: Lyme in Brazil – an interview with Isabella Trubbianelli


Welcome to our Tick Boot Camp Podcast podcast where we delve into the personal stories of those bravely fighting chronic Lyme disease. Today’s special guest is Isabella Trubbianelli, a young Brazilian physical therapist and businesswoman who faced Lyme disease head-on.

Starting the Journey

The Unexpected Beginning

  • Our conversation kicks off with Isabella’s first experience noticing the strange symptoms that marked the start of her Lyme disease journey.

The Professional Struggles

  • Isabella reveals how she tried to balance her condition with a very active profession, running her own Pilates studio and physical therapy office.

Dealing with Symptoms and the Diagnosis

The Mysterious Onset

  • Isabella walks us through the moment when she started to experience debilitating symptoms, which she initially mistook for a severe migraine.

The First Revelation

  • The diagnosis took a turn when Isabella connected her symptoms to a tick bite she had almost six months prior, leading her to suspect Lyme disease.

Understanding Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Research

  • Isabella talks about the research she conducted once she suspected Lyme Disease. She shares the challenges she faced and the support she received during this process.

The Treatment and Recovery

The Journey of Healing

  • Isabella chronicles her medical journey, from receiving an initial prescription for 30 days of Doxycycline in late 2020 to her eventual remission in May 2022.

The Impact on Personal and Professional Life

  • Discussing her life during treatment, Isabella reveals the toll it took on her both personally and professionally, leading her to question her future in the profession she loves.

Life Post-Lyme Disease

Reinventing Practice

  • After overcoming Lyme disease, Isabella discusses her return to work and how she had to reinvent her professional practice to accommodate her new reality.

Importance of Resilience

  • She talks about how she rebuilt her life post-recovery, focusing on the importance of resilience and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness and Balance

A Balanced Life

  • Isabella emphasizes the importance of maintaining balance in life, incorporating exercise, mental health, social life, and work to ensure wellness.

Appreciating Life

  • Isabella reflects on the lessons she has learned, highlighting the importance of appreciating the small things in life and being grateful for every day.

Making a Difference

Raising Awareness

  • Finally, Isabella talks about her desire to raise awareness of Lyme disease and how she has used her platform on Instagram to create a supportive community for those affected by this disease.

Closing Thoughts

  • As we wrap up the podcast, we reflect on Isabella’s inspiring journey from diagnosis to recovery and her mission to spread awareness about Lyme disease, making her story a beacon of hope for many.

Thank you for tuning in to our podcast. Be sure to join us next time for another inspiring journey.