Episode 371: Primal Trust – an interview with Cathleen King


In this episode, we had a stimulating conversation with Dr. Cathleen King, founder of Primal Trust: Brain Retraining a Nervous System Healing. Cathleen is an expert in physical therapy, nervous system retraining, and a survivor of chronic Lyme disease. Here’s a rundown of the episode:

Unique Approach to Physical Therapy: Cathleen shares her unique approach to physical therapy that has helped her and her clients modulate pain associated with chronic Lyme disease.

Childhood Trauma: Cathleen courageously delves into her challenging childhood marked by poverty, illiteracy, homelessness, and addiction in her surroundings, and how that influenced her brain development and survival instincts.

Lyme in Achievers and Empaths: Cathleen talks about the prevalence of chronic Lyme disease among high-achievers and highly empathic individuals, and how their nervous systems often get primed to constantly look out for threats.

Fight or Flight Impact on Immune System: Explaining the detrimental effects of prolonged stress on the immune system, Cathleen illustrates how it leads to increased vulnerability to infections, which becomes a significant problem in chronic Lyme disease.

Multiple Health Challenges: Dr. King shares her personal battle with various health issues, including tick bites, Lyme disease, Bartonella, Babesia, mold exposure, and parasitic infections, amidst ongoing emotional stress, which led to chronic Lyme disease.

Limbic System: She discusses the role of the brain’s limbic system in chronic illness and how it influences our perception of the internal and external environment, potentially leading to severe symptoms like insomnia.

Biohacks for Chronic Lyme Disease: Cathleen discusses the power of biohacks in managing chronic Lyme, asserting that individuals can exert control over both their pain and their responses to life, even in the presence of persistent pain and an active infection.

Importance of Brain Retraining: Emphasizing the importance of brain retraining for Lyme disease patients, Cathleen shares how she encourages her patients to focus on the present and rewire their brain to perceive safety, despite ongoing symptoms.

Tools Used to Heal: Cathleen shares her experience with various therapies, including binders, saunas, whole-body vibration plates, herbs, detox, and grounding, emphasizing the efficacy of nervous system work in her recovery process.

Brain Retraining Program Approach: Cathleen shares her approach to implementing brain retraining programs, suggesting a less dogmatic and more embodied method.

Nervous System Regulation for Lyme: Revealing some incredible outcomes of her "Regulate" program in the Lyme community, Cathleen provides evidence of significant improvements in symptoms after two to four months of engagement.

Cell Danger Response: Dr. King emphasizes the need for the right support, such as a doctor who understands the cell danger response and someone who encourages nervous system work, in the treatment of Lyme disease.