Episode 256: Tree of Life – an interview with Bob Miller

Dr. Bob Miller

This week Tick Boot Camp invited Robert Miller, a Certified Traditional Naturopath and founder of the Tree of Life Naturopathic practice, NutriGenetic Research Institute, and Functional Genomic Analysis, to discuss the relationship between genetic variants and Lyme disease. In this comprehensive interview, Mr. Miller discusses:

  • The origin stories of the 3 companies he founded
  • The virtue of genetic testing for people suffering from Lyme disease
  • How genetics “loads the gun and environment pulls the trigger” of chronic illness
  • The top genetic factors seen with chronic Lyme disease
  • How external genetic factors, such as, mold, plastics, and EMFs impact a Lyme disease journey
  • Why internal genetic factors cause inflammation, histamines, and free radicals triggering chronic illness.

If you would like to know more about how genetic testing can help you on your Lyme disease treatment journey, then tune in now!