Ben Stiller Speaks Out About His Battle with Lyme Disease

Ben Stiller in a suit

Ben Stiller, who starred in classics like Night at the Museum and Meet the Fockers, recently said: “Lyme… it’s a really tough thing.”

He developed knee pain that got “worse and worse” during a trip to Africa.

At first, he thought it was due to an injury he had while traveling.

His health continued to decline and he developed debilitating joint pain.

On David Letterman’s The Late Show, Stiller revealed that during the trip, which he left with a limp, his knee became “stiff and worse and worse” after he fell into a hidden ditch outside one of the villages in the country.

The star underwent lots of tests before he finally discovered the reality of his situation from a New York doctor – he had disseminated Lyme disease.

Stiller told a Hollywood reporter he is “symptom-free now,” although he warned that “Lyme doesn’t ever leave your system.”

“It’s a really tough thing,” Stiller said.

500,000 Americans contract Lyme each year. According to Duke University researcher Dr. Tim Haystead, 36% of these individuals develop chronic Lyme disease. That’s millions of Americans suffering from long-term severe symptoms due to tick-borne illness.