Episode 244: The Milk Cleanse – an interview with Jody Levy


Jody Levy is a 42-year-old artist, designer and serial entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan. She is the founder and co-founded of several successful businesses, including LabElymental, The Milk Cleanse, NeuroPraxis and WTRMLN WTR.

Ms. Levy’s Lyme journey began when she heard the call to leave Michigan to attend college in upstate New York. A tick bite during her freshman year transformed her life from “amazing and full of magic” to 18 years of health and diagnostic labor.

Although she achieved a high level of professional success, undiagnosed Lyme robbed her of the energy to enjoy a full life. Her neurological symptoms progressed to a point where she “could not remember the name of her close friend and brother-in-law.”

While attending a party, she was approached by a friend who shared with her his secret to his remission from Lyme. He told Ms. Levy that healing was available through Dr. Linda Lancaster and her Harmonic Healing Milk Cleanse.

The 8-day Milk Cleanse resolved all Ms. Levy’s Lyme symptoms and allowed her to fully return to work and to her social life. Achieving remission inspired Ms. Levy to build a business to make the Milk Cleanse available to the world.

If you would like to know more about how The Milk Cleanse can help you on your healing journey, then tune in now!