Episode 243: Partner in Lyme – an interview with Grace and Jessica Snajder


Grace and Jessica Snajder are the dynamic mother-daughter founders of Partner in Lyme. The Connecticut based non-profit organization offers financial, emotional, and spiritual support to people diagnosed with Lyme disease.

The Snajder family’s journey with Lyme began when Grace suffered “headaches, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, and loss of the ability to read and do math” after falling while snowboarding. The rapid change in Grace’s health came as a surprise because she wore a helmet and “never hit [her] head.”

Grace’s plan to attend college, attend Bible school, and perform mission work “rebuilding homes damaged by natural disasters” was halted by her illness. Her parents responded to their daughter’s expanding symptoms by searching for and scheduling appointments with an array of over 10 health care providers.

Grace was diagnosed with Lyme disease after her mom, Jessica, requested and reviewed a copy of blood work ordered by a primary care physician. Her treatment plan was built by a Naturopathic Doctor prescribing antibiotics, massage therapy, antioxidant juicing, chlorella, and the Rawls MD Vital Plan Restore Kit.

Grace did not find relief from all the treatment tools recommended by her doctors and located by her parents. For example, an infrared sauna treatment did not offer relief and turned out to be “too harsh for [her].”

If you would like to know more about how the Snajder family sold an ineffective treatment tool and used the money to start a Lyme disease non-profit, then tune in now!