Episode 226: The Comeback – an interview with Liz Campbell


Liz Campbell is a 23-year-old Health Coach residing in the shadow of South Carolina’s storied Clemson University. She is working to enhance her coaching skill sets by enrollment in a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) course of study.

Ms. Campbell’s Lyme disease experience began with a month-long flu followed by severe fatigue. Weight gain, joint pain, and insomnia were added to her fatigue symptoms triggering a health crash that rendered her housebound and unable to attend school for 9 months.

The changes caused by her health decline rendered Ms. Campbell unrecognizable to herself and her family. When doctors were unable to provide her with a diagnosis, she began to feel that she was “lazy” and “had abandoned herself.”

She was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease by a doctor utilizing muscle testing. A diagnosis allowed her to build a team of health care practitioners that offered a diverse set of treatment tools including antibiotics, herbs, homeopathic medicine, ozone therapy, and high dose vitamin C.

She was unable to overcome her final hurdle until she realized her “brain was working against her.” Utilizing brain retraining (DNRS) she reset her brain, learned how to manage her stress levels, and returned to a life where she could do “whatever [she] wants to do.”

If you would like to learn more about how a health coach is teaching her clients how to use self-regulation of the nervous system to break the chains of Lyme disease bondage, then tune in now!