Christmas Tree Tick and Lyme Disease Danger

man and woman looking at Christmas tree

“A single spruce tree can harbor up to 25,000 pests” according to a recent article in Brinkwire.

“When we bring them into the comfort of our own homes, they come to life” in warmer temperatures putting you and your family at risk for Lyme disease.

“Consumers of genuine trees should inspect them carefully before purchasing, according to Chris Socratous of pet specialist Bob Martin.”

“‘A beautiful Norwegian spruce tree is the epitome of a traditional family Christmas,’ he continued, ‘but there’s a good chance it’s harboring ticks and other unwelcome visitors during the holiday season, which could come into contact with you and your dogs.'”

“Warmer temperatures inside a home cause [ticks] to emerge [and] they can be dangerous to both humans and pet.”

There are so many ways we can unknowingly put ourselves in danger of contracting Lyme disease. Don’t forget to do daily tick checks all year long to help prevent a new infection or reinfection of Lyme disease!