Christmas Tree Tick and Lyme Disease Danger

man and woman looking at Christmas tree

According to Brinkwire, a single spruce tree can harbor up to 25,000 pests, posing a significant health risk to you and your family. As the temperature rises inside your home, these pests, including ticks, come to life and can cause serious health problems like Lyme disease.

If you’re planning to purchase a genuine tree this holiday season, make sure to inspect it carefully before bringing it into your home. As pet specialist Chris Socratous of Bob Martin warns, a beautiful Norwegian spruce tree may look like the epitome of a traditional family Christmas, but it could be harboring ticks and other unwelcome visitors that can come into contact with you and your pets.

Ticks can be dangerous to both humans and pets, so it’s important to take precautions to avoid tick bites. One way to do this is by doing daily tick checks throughout the year to help prevent a new infection or reinfection of Lyme disease.

Don’t let tick-borne illness ruin your holiday season. Take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones from ticks and other pests that can pose a serious health risk. Remember to inspect your tree carefully, do regular tick checks, and seek medical attention if you suspect you’ve been bitten by a tick.