Episode 224: Full Spectrum Coaching – an interview with Julie Yakunich


Julie Yakunich is a 40-year-old Integrative Health Practitioner and Certified Health Coach specializing in Lyme disease from Chicago, Illinois. She has her own private practice, Get Well with Julie, and sees Lyme and chronic illness patients at Case Integrative Health.

Ms. Yakunich’s battle with Lyme began when she was 29 years old after living a very active and high functioning life while working, attending graduate school at night, and traveling around the world in her free time. Her first symptoms were random fainting spells that started to become more frequent.

As time went on, Ms. Yakunich’s symptoms progressed and included constant severe headaches, air hunger, brain fog, fatigue, pain, tremors, blurry vision, and more. She visited 26 doctors over 5 years and none of them properly diagnosed her with Lyme disease.

Many doctors misdiagnosed Ms. Yakunich with brain tumors, cysts, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), migraines, food allergies, asthma, hypothyroidism, and more. Eventually, she found a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) in Portland, Oregon, who diagnosed her with Lyme disease through an IGeneX blood test.

Ms. Yakunich was treated using a combination of oral antibiotics for 20 months. She also used a wide variety of immunotherapies, herbs, ozone therapy, IV glutathione, and more to aid in her healing.

After regaining her health, Ms. Yakunich climbed Mount St Helens with her siblings and friends and raised money for the LivLyme Foundation during this event.

If you would like to learn more about how Ms. Yakunich went from being completely homebound and bedridden for almost 2 years to climbing a mountain and now helping others heal from chronic Lyme disease, then tune in now!