Episode 204: Beautiful Mind – an interview with Margaux Gunning


Margaux Gunning is a 29-year-old wellness expert from San Diego, California. Her Lyme disease journey began while she was studying culinary nutrition at one of the top culinary arts programs in the United States.

For several years after graduating from college, Ms. Gunning struggled with progressive migrating health issues. Her “random” symptoms included “unmanageable foot pain” and “rashes” requiring frequent hospital admissions. During one hospitalization her pain was diagnosed as depression and bipolar disorder triggering her to scream because everything “was so out of control.”

Ms. Gunning adroitly outmaneuvered years of medical diagnostic failure. She excelled professionally and socially until she was entrapped by a doctor offering a hormone therapy. Two doses of Lupron Depot robbed her of her health, rendering her bedbound and unable to speak or toilet herself.

Desperate to reclaim her life, Ms. Gunning’s research and “gut” directed her to the famous Amen Clinic where a SPECT scan was utilized to diagnose her with Lyme disease. Locating a diagnosis allowed Ms. Gunning to work with a plethora of Lyme literate practitioners to rebuild her physical and mental health.

If you would like to learn more about how a beautiful mind rose from the ashes of medical diagnostic and treatment negligence, then tune in now!