Episode 203: Enduring Spirit – an interview with Erin Meyers


Erin Meyers is a 39-year-old culinary artist from Bakersfield, California. Ms. Meyers moved to California after living most of her life in the eastern US Lyme belt.

Ms. Meyers’ Lyme journey began during childhood with classic migrating symptoms that were misdiagnosed as growing pains, IBS and SIBO. Her symptoms were treated individually, not collectively, for over 30 years resulting in a delayed Lyme disease diagnosis.

Securing a diagnosis permitted Ms. Meyers to build a cookbook of medical recipes to rebuild her immune system including IV ozone, ozone saunas, acupuncture, muscle testing for herbals and energy healing.

Today, Ms. Meyers is recovering from dental cavitation surgery and preparing herself physically and emotionally for the next steps in her treatment journey.

If you would like to learn more about how a culinary artist overcame decades of medical system failure to unearth the recipe for successfully treating Lyme disease, then tune in now!