Episode 191: Radical Responsibility – an interview with Jenn Hyla


Jenn Hyla is a 39-year-old author, field biologist, and health coach mentoring Lyme disease recovery and veterans of the US military. In the fall of 2011, after suffering numerous “bug bites” during basic training for the US Air Force, she fell ill with knee swelling, fever, swollen glands, aches, and fatigue. Military doctors prescribed Ibuprofen and 24 hours of bed rest. Over the following 4 years, her health steadily declined. She was misdiagnosed with arthritis and giardia until her primary care physician tested her for Lyme disease. The diagnostic delays and failures from the medical industry gave rise to the belief that healing from Lyme disease would require Ms. Hyla to take radical responsibility for her health through citizen science. Utilizing a diverse range of healing tools, she recovered 90% of her pre “bug bite” health, developed a business to mentor Lyme recovery and authored “The Lyme Ease Survival Guidebook.” She has also developed a free Lyme Ease Herx Guidebook to help those with Lyme disease get through treatment reactions and symptoms. If you would like to learn more about how Lyme disease transformed a field biologist to a published author and Lyme recovery coach, then tune in now!