Episode 190: Outside In – an interview with Malorie Greene


Malorie Green is an entrepreneurial beauty industry professional from Long Island, New York residing in south Florida. Ms. Greens’ chronic illness developed after undergoing a dental procedure. Her symptoms included fatigue, neck pain, joint pain and ironically hair loss. Ms. Greene’s hair loss symptom was particularly stressful because she believed her changed appearance would cause her customers to lose faith in her ability to meet their needs. Her mind told her that if she did not make a healthy appearance, she could not help her customers look good and feel good. After suffering for several years without a diagnosis, at the age of 26 she was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease. During her healing journey, Ms. Greene learned that she needed to feel good emotionally to fertilize an environment for healing, triggering an entrepreneurial epiphany. If you would like to learn more about how a beauty industry professional discovered the importance of scaling healing from the outside-in, then tune in now.