Episode 156: All Things – an interview with Jaime Jamgochian


Jaime Jamgochian is a touring musician and worship artist from Nashville, Tennessee. Several of Ms. Jamgochian’s singles play on Christian radio stations and her most well-known original song “Hear My Worship” spent 12 weeks at #1 on National Christian Radio resulting in her recognition as a the #1 inspirational artist on the Billboard charts. In 2017, Ms. Jamgochian’s neurological Lyme disease required her to take a sabbatical from work and return home to live with her parents. Ms. Jamgochian began to regain her health while she treated with the New York Center of Innovative Medicine in Huntington, New York. If you would like to learn more about how a Lyme disease journey inspired a worship artist’s new album “All Things,” then tune in now!