Episode 155: The Awakened State – an interview with Ashley Bobe


Ashley Bobe is a business development specialist from Kansas City, Missouri. Ms. Bobe’s Lyme disease journey began at the age of 6 when she discovered an engorged tick biting her below her hair line. The tick was removed at a hospital and Ms. Bobe was treated with antibiotics. Unfortunately, Ms. Bobe’s childhood hospitalization foreshadowed a series of undefined adult illnesses that triggered hospital visits to every hospital in the states of Missouri and Kansas. At the age of 32, Ms. Bobe was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease resulting in treatment with one of the top Lyme disease doctors in the United States. If you would like to learn more about how Ashley Bobe located Lyme remission only after she left the traditional medical community and utilized the free Buhner Protocol, then tune in now!