Doctor Diane Mueller

Dr. Diane Mueller

Dr. Diane Mueller’s Lyme Hack:

Dr. Diane Mueller encourages you to stick with it! First, follow your intuition and listen to your body’s signals. Second, it’s not only Lyme disease for most everybody suffering from chronic Lyme disease. It’s usually a combination of Lyme, co-infections, thyroid problems, adrenal problems, and so much more. Work holistically on the entirety of your body to get well. Third, work on your mind. No, it’s not from your mind. It’s very real, but there are thinks you can do to keep your mind calm and promote a healing response. Dr. Diane is the co-founder of Medicine with Heart. As a survivor of chronic Lyme disease, Dr. Diane is passionate about helping others restore their health and passion for life. Dr. Diane’s journey to heal herself lead her to complete two doctorate degrees in holistic health care. She has a Doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine as well as a Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. In addition, she is certified in functional medicine. As a national speaker and educator, Dr. Diane works to help both practitioners and clients understand advanced disease processes in very simply ways so they can apply the lifestyle and supplement protocols that will not only help them to restore health but to retain it. Dr. Diane is known all over the country as a functional medicine expert that other doctors seek to advise on advanced cases chronic disease reversal. If you would hear Dr. Diane’s full story and learn some amazing Lyme healing tips and tricks along the way, then tune in to episode 202 of our Tick Boot Camp Podcast!