Doctor Casey Kelley

Dr. Casey Kelley


Dr. Casey Kelley’s Lyme Hack:

Dr. Casey Kelley wants you to know exactly what to do if you find a tick biting you. First of all, remove it properly. Please don’t use Vaseline or fire to remove the tick. Pull it straight up with tweezers until it pops of our use a tick tool to get it off. Don’t forget to send the tick in for testing. We’re much more likely to find an infection in the tick itself rather than in the person. So, if you have a tick on you, when you remove it, save it! You can send it to some different labs to be tested. You could go to or These are just a few that do this. They will test for not only Lyme, but other common co-infections. That really helps the physician so they can get a better idea of what you were exposed to and that can help with identifying the type of treatment and duration of treatment. You’ll usually get the results back in a week. Don’t forget to also call your doctor if you get a tick bite as well.

Dr. Kelley is an integrative doctor and the founder of Case Integrative Health. She’s from Chicago, Illinois. While in college, Dr. Kelley started to experience the symptoms of a tick disease. By the time she was in medical school, she had a high heart rate, extreme fatigue, and brain fog. After watching Dr. Richard Horowitz speak at an integrative medical conference, she decided to get tested for Lyme. It came back positive. If you would like to learn more about how Dr. Kelley shifted her practice to focus almost exclusively on helping other Lyme Warriors, then tune in to episode 98 of our Tick Boot Camp Podcast. PS check out our special Instagram Live with Dr. Casey Kelley!