Doctor Bill Rawls’ Lyme Hack

Bill Rawls

Lyme Disease Tip Summary:

Doctor Bill Rawls joins our Lyme Hackathon and shares that in managing Lyme disease, it’s crucial to change how we view our relationship with microbes. Chronic Lyme disease is not just an ongoing bacterial infection but often involves the reactivation of bacteria and other microbes that have been lying dormant in our cells and tissues for many years. This reactivation occurs due to chronic cellular stress, which serves as a primary driver of illnesses like chronic Lyme disease.

Sources of Chronic Cellular Stress:

  • Diet: Poor dietary habits contribute significantly to stress.
  • Environmental Toxins: Exposure to toxic substances like mycotoxins and environmental pollutants adds to the stress burden.
  • Lifestyle Factors: Chronic emotional stress, lack of sleep, and inactivity compound the problem.
  • Infections: New infections like COVID-19 can also tip the balance.


Key Principle: Recognizing that chronic cellular stress is a central factor is essential for overcoming chronic Lyme disease.

Herbal Solutions: Herbal phytochemicals play a vital role in managing this cellular stress-driven illness. They:

  • Suppress reactivated microbes.
  • Shield cells from various stressors.
  • Balance stress hormones.

This holistic approach, focused on cell stress reduction and herbal therapy, is key to achieving wellness and managing chronic Lyme disease.

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Video Transcript:
“The biggest thing that’s changed during my journey is thinking differently about our relationship with microbes. I don’t think about chronic Lyme disease as an infection with a bacteria anymore. I think it’s better thought of as a reactivation of that bacteria, but also a lot of other microbes that have been dormant inside cells and tissues throughout our body, sometimes, often for many years. When cells containing dormant microbes get stressed, the microbes are allowed to reactivate, which means that chronic cellular stress is the primary element driving illnesses like chronic Lyme disease. So, sources of chronic stress include poor diet, exposure to toxic substances like mycotoxins or everything else in the environment, chronic stress and not sleeping, inactivity, sometimes it is a new infection like COVID that comes along and tips of balance, but you have to have all that stress adding up for this thing we call the chronic Lyme disease to happen. So, understanding this key principle is essential for overcoming the illness. For getting well, I consider herbs to be a central part of the equation. Herbal phytochemicals suppress reactivated microbes, protect our cells from all kinds of other stress factors, and balance stress hormones. You really couldn’t have a better match solution.” – Doctor Bill Rawls