Sam Chocano

Samantha Chocano

Sam Chocano’s Lyme Hack:

Sam Chocano provides some tips to mentally manage living with chronic Lyme disease. It’s important to fight intrusive thoughts and have frequent mental conversations. Remember, you will make it far in life. You will be successful in all aspects of life. Be thankful for your body’s strength through this difficult illness. Thank God every day for the blessing you have. Do things that you live that mentally clear your mind. Sam likes to game, take detox baths, get “dolled up,” vlog, cook, spent time with her cats, dance, and take mental breaks. Be the person who always gets back up and tries again.

If you would like to learn more about how a young woman came to learn that she “had no other options but to do research [herself] and save [her] own life,” then tune into episode 255 of our Tick Boot Camp Podcast!