Michelle McKeon’s Lyme Hack

Michelle McKeon

Lyme Disease Tip Summary:

Michelle McKeon, founder of Lyme Specialist and an expert in tick-borne infections and environmental toxins, shares her personal and professional insights at the Tick Boot Camp’s Annual Lyme Hackathon:

  1. No Quick Fixes: Michelle emphasizes that there is no instant solution or “silver bullet” for treating Lyme disease. This approach reflects the complexity of tick-borne infections, which often involve not just Lyme, but also various co-infections.
  2. Understanding the Complexity: Lyme disease, along with co-infections, leads to a high pathogenic load, making it challenging for the body to eliminate environmental toxins. This accumulation can result in issues with heavy metals, mold, mycotoxins, gut health, the limbic system, and hormonal imbalances.
  3. Layered Recovery Approach: Recovery from Lyme disease requires addressing these multiple layers for sustainable results. Michelle underscores the importance of a comprehensive approach to fully recover.
  4. Listening to Your Body: Reflecting on her own journey, Michelle advises paying attention to the body’s signals. She learned that aggressive treatment might not always be the best approach and that it’s crucial to implement treatments when the body is ready, not just when the mind is eager.
  5. Pace of Healing: The concept that sometimes “fast is slow and slow is fast” in recovery is key. It highlights the importance of pacing the treatment to align with the body’s capacity to respond and heal.

Michelle’s insights focus on understanding the complexity of Lyme disease and adopting a patient, mindful approach to treatment, respecting the body’s limits and needs for a more effective and sustainable recovery.

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Video Transcript:
“Hello fellow Lyme Warriors. My name is Michelle McKeon, and I am the founder of the Lyme Specialist. I specialize in tick-borne infections and environmental toxins, and I’m very excited to be participating in Tick Boot Camp’s Annual Lyme Hackathon. So this year, I thought I would talk about one of the hardest lessons it was for me to learn going through this process myself. And that is that there’s no quick fix, there’s no silver bullet treatment. And anyone who tells you that probably doesn’t understand how complex tick-borne infections are. Not only do you have Lyme, but you can have co-infections. And when you have a higher pathogenic load, then it’s harder for environmental toxins to get out of your system and your toxic bucket fills up fast. That brings in heavy metals and mold and mycotoxins. It can affect your gut, your limbic system, and your hormones. And there are all these different layers that you want to look into to fully recover and have sustainable results. And when I first got diagnosed, I was kind of like, “I’m going to hit this hard, I’m going to do aggressive treatment, and I’m going to have my life back”. And unfortunately, my body had other plans. And your body will whisper before it screams. So really listen to your body. And that’s what I had to do to get better and move forward with my health. And sometimes fast is slow and slow is fast. And so it’s just so important to implement treatments when your body is ready.” – Michelle McKeon