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Healing Arts
Dr. Ross runs the Marty Ross MD Healing Arts Medical Facility in Seattle, Washington, where he combines the best of natural medicines, prescription medicines, and lifestyle medicine to help his patients achieve optimal health. He believes that people with complex misunderstood illnesses can recover and uses cutting-edge science mixed with modern and ancient healing methods to get people well. Recently, Dr. Ross announced that he would be closing his clinic, but it’s not all bad news. He will continue to provide online treatment and support to his patients through his website (details below).

Lyme Specialist
Dr. Marty Ross is an integrative medicine physician who specializes in Lyme Disease and other complex chronic illnesses. Dr. Ross’s journey to becoming a Lyme Disease specialist began after he treated his first chronic Lyme patient in 2004. He realized that there was a significant need for doctors who could help people suffering from this debilitating disease, and he has been working to find answers and health solutions ever since. Dr. Ross has been a member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) since 2004 and is an expert in the field of chronic Lyme disease.

Lyme Denialism
Dr. Ross discovered that people living with chronic Lyme disease are often outcasts and medically underserved due to the policies of the Infection Disease Society of America (IDSA), the government, health insurance companies, and state medical licensing boards that deny the existence of this illness. This denialism is often seen in people suffering from other complex illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, mold toxicity, fibromyalgia, low thyroid, and more too.

Dr. Ross is also an author and educator. His website,, offers a wealth of information for people living with Lyme Disease.

  1. The Ross Lyme Support Protocol is a detailed chronic Lyme disease support and treatment guideline that offers patients a roadmap to recovery.
  2. His online Lyme Guide has three sections: Lyme Disease 101, Germ Control & More, and Medical Problem Solutions.
  3. Dr. Ross also hosts Lyme Q&A webinars, where he answers questions and provides insights into how he approaches problems and issues people face in Lyme treatment.


Book: Hacking Lyme Disease
Dr. Ross’s book, Hacking Lyme Disease: An Action Guide to Wellness, is a comprehensive guide to understanding and treating Lyme Disease. The book provides readers with practical tools and strategies for taking control of their health and overcoming the challenges of Lyme Disease.

LymePeople Online Community
In addition to his practice and education site, Dr. Ross has also created an online community called LymePeople: A Community Powering Health. This support and problem-solving group is for people living with Lyme Disease and will be hosted on the Circle platform rather than Facebook. Watch for notifications through his email list when he launches: LymePEOPLE: A Community Powering Health from Marty Ross MD by mid 2023.

Dr. Ross also offers handpicked supplements, brands, and products through his website, ensuring that his patients have access to the best products for their health needs.