Liz Kinnart’s Lyme Hack

Liz Kinnart

Lyme Disease Tip Summary:

Liz, also known as In Good Health Liz, highlights the pivotal role of strength training in her recovery from Lyme disease:

  1. Importance of Moderate Exercise: Liz emphasizes that light to moderate strength training, even just twice a week, can significantly benefit those suffering from Lyme disease by helping to maintain muscle mass, which is often lost due to the inactivity associated with the condition.
  2. Joint Support and Anti-Inflammatory Benefits: Strength training not only preserves muscle mass but also supports joint health and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, enhancing overall physical wellness.
  3. Boosting the Immune System and Enhancing Detoxification: Regular strength training improves immune function and increases lymphatic flow, which is crucial for detoxifying the body. Additionally, it enhances blood circulation, facilitating the transport of oxygen and nutrients to tissues needing repair.
  4. Facilitating Treatment and Improving Quality of Life: Strength training is not just about building or maintaining strength; it also aims to boost energy levels and make daily activities more manageable and comfortable, thereby improving the quality of life for those recovering from Lyme disease.

Liz’s advocacy for strength training underscores its broad range of benefits, from physical support and enhanced detox capabilities to immune boosting and improved daily functioning, making it an essential tool for those overcoming Lyme disease.

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Video Transcript:
“Hey everyone, my name is Liz. You might know me as In Good Health Liz and I want to share with you one tool that has been a constant in my life when recovering and overcoming Lyme disease. That tool is strength training, and it’s all about the approach you take to it. Light to moderate strengthening even twice a week has shown to be effective at helping us to maintain our muscle mass, which is often lost due to the inactivity that Lyme disease can bring. So strength training not only helps to support our joints and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, it’s also going to help boost your immune system, it’s going to increase lymphatic flow, which helps with detoxing, and it’s also going to increase blood flow, which is going to carry more oxygen and nutrients to parts of the body that need repair, It’s also going to help facilitate your treatment. The main goal of strength training is to provide your body with support, but also to help boost your energy levels and to make your daily tasks a little bit more comfortable and easier to do.” – Liz Kinnart