Jaban Moore, DC

Dr. Jaban Moore

Tick Boot Camp Podcast
Dr. Moore was featured on the Tick Boot Camp Podcast:

Health Journey
Dr. Jaban Moore is a Doctor of Chiropractic located in Kansas City, MO who works virtually with clients through functional medicine protocols to assist them in overcoming chronic health conditions and symptoms. At age 25, he went from being an award-winning college athlete to not being able to get out of bed. He sought out countless doctors and appointments looking for answers to his debilitating symptoms, but doctors only gave him “band-aid” solutions that did not resolve his problems.

He was later diagnosed with Lyme disease. Once he overcame this complex infection, he dedicated his practice, The Redefining Wellness Center, to helping clients to discover the root causes of their chronic symptoms. Dr. Moore specializes in Lyme disease, Lyme co-infections, PANS/PANDAS, autism, parasitic infections, environmental toxicities, and mitochondrial support.

Lyme Disease
Lyme disease, also known as “the great mimicker” can mimic a variety of conditions that cause Lyme disease to be overlooked or undermined. Dr. Moore knows this all too well. After Dr. Moore addressed his Lyme disease with herbal protocols and additional healing modalities, he began to feel like himself again and symptoms began to disappear. Now, he aims to help those struggling with Lyme disease as it can be a tricky infection to knock out.

Dr. Moore and his team at The Redefining Wellness Center see clients virtually. You can gain access to education, live videos, and free programs at The Redefining Wellness Center website. Additionally, you may book a free discovery call if you are interested in working with Dr. Moore.