Episode 93: A Black Woman in the Land of Misdiagnosis – an interview with Rhisa Marie Parera


Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is Rhisa Marie Parera. Ms. Parera is a 30-year-old multimedia journalist and yogi from Union City, New Jersey. After a senior trip in high school to Upstate, New York, Ms. Parera had extreme abdominal pain. She also started to experience migraines and dizzy spells. She first saw her primary care physician, but received no concrete answers. After seeing over 30 doctors, she was given medicine for depression. Her concerns and symptoms were routinely dismissed by most doctors because she was a woman. She lost her job, her friends, and could barely function. Ten years after her initial symptoms, Ms. Parera finally had an appointment with a female doctor who tested her for Lyme disease. If you would like to learn more about how Ms. Parera is giving back to the community of Lymies who have helped her, then tune in now!