Episode 58: The Sweetest Devotion – an interview with Lillian and Meredith Park


Tick Boot Camp’s guests today are Lillian and Meredith Park, a mother-daughter duo from the northern suburbs of Chicago. Meredith Park has been sick since her late teens, when she started to feel extreme fatigue, severe headaches, and anxiety. Meredith received various misdiagnoses ranging from bipolar disorder to MS. It wasn’t until her daughter, Lillian, was born that Ms. Park figured out the true cause behind her symptoms. Around the age of two, Lillian started to experience rashes and bite marks all over her body, accompanied by a fever and extreme fatigue. Lillian was diagnosed with Lyme, and Meredith’s doctor theorized that she too had it, and passed it on to Lillian in utero. If you would like to learn more about a mother and daughter’s Lyme Disease journey, then tune in!