Episode 56: I am Not Crazy – an interview with Getine Taylor


Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is Getine Taylor from Bloomfield, New Jersey. Ms. Taylor lived a normal life until five years ago, when she started to feel sick after running a Super Spartan race. She had extreme fatigue, severe headaches, anxiety attacks, and pain all over her body. Her symptoms progressed even further, and her family started to suffer. She even began passing out in front of her daughter and took regular trips to the emergency room. After countless misdiagnoses, Ms. Taylor’s husband began researching on his own, and believed his wife’s symptoms were consistent with Lyme disease. Soon after, she received a positive Lyme test and started herbal and dietary treatments. If you would like to learn more about Ms. Taylor’s journey and how she’s advocating for those who face tick diseases, then tune in!