Episode 390: The Unsung Hero – an interview with Doctor Monica Embers



  • Guest: Dr. Monica Embers, Director of Vector-Borne Disease Research and Associate Professor at Tulane University with over 20 years of experience.
  • Topic: Lyme Disease – Testing, Treatment, and Beyond.

1. Diving Deep into the World of Lyme Disease

  • Exploring the sophistication of Lyme disease bacteria.
  • Delving into challenges: unique size, shape, and genetic makeup.
  • Differentiating Lyme bacteria from others and comprehending their behavior.

2. Animal Models in Lyme Research

  • The shift towards studying animal models.
  • Addressing the ethical considerations in animal research.
  • Unpacking the variances: How Lyme bacteria impacts rodents vs. humans.

3. Importance of Research for Clinicians

  • Dr. Embers’ vision: Equipping clinicians with vital knowledge and tools.
  • Stressing the need for consistency and validity in research.

4. Challenges in Lyme Disease Diagnosis

  • The hurdles in Lyme diagnosis due to the bacteria’s elusive nature.
  • The quest for a direct and reliable diagnostic test.
  • Assessing the drawbacks of present diagnostic measures.

5. Treatment Insights

  • Approaching Lyme treatment with a multi-therapeutic strategy.
  • The debate around prolonged antibiotic therapy.
  • Drawing parallels: Lyme disease treatment vs. tuberculosis.

6. Bacteria Behavior and Characteristics

  • Decoding Lyme disease’s stationary phase and its defense mechanisms.
  • Discussing the role of biofilms and their link to Bartonella.
  • Exploring whether or not Lyme disease actually forms biofilms.

7. Bartonella and Cancer

  • Unraveling the potential of Bartonella in inducing cellular changes leading to cancer.
  • The journey of ongoing research to decode Bartonella’s extensive effects.

8. Chronic Lyme is Real

  • Dr. Embers’ groundbreaking work proving that Chronic Lyme disease is a reality and that Lyme bacteria can persist.
  • Dozens of published research papers with irrefutable evidence of chronic Lyme disease.

Stay tuned for an enlightening conversation with Dr. Monica Embers as we explore the intricate world of Lyme Disease.