Episode 384: Hope Against Lyme – an interview with Alayna Bellquist


In this special episode, we are joined by Alayna Bellquist, an environmental advocate and Lyme disease survivor. Alayna opens up about her diagnosis, treatment, and the life-altering moments that shaped her journey. She also discusses her upcoming book and provides unique insights into how Lyme disease has become a catalyst for meaningful change in her life.

  • Introduction
  • Early Life and Background
    • Alayna’s upbringing in the Pacific Northwest
    • Lack of awareness about tick diseases in her early life
  • Career and Environmental Advocacy
    • Alayna’s work in marine science and advocacy
    • Her role as a bridge between industry and Congress
  • Diagnosis and The Wall
    • The tick bite that changed everything
    • The initial challenges in diagnosis and her treatment plan
  • Dark Times and Recovery
    • Struggles during the treatment
    • The role of family support during recovery
  • Life Lessons from Lyme Disease
    • How Lyme has been a transformational experience for Alayna
    • The importance of slowing down in life
  • A Comprehensive Approach to Healing
    • Alayna’s multi-faceted approach to recovery
    • Her thoughts on resiliency and environmental stewardship
  • Alayna’s Upcoming Book
    • Why she decided to write a book
    • The central theme and message of her book
  • Final Questions & Conclusion
    • Michelle’s special last question
    • Plans for a future episode focusing on Alayna’s book