Episode 367: Personalizing Lyme – an interview with Doctor Moses Laufer


Welcome to another insightful episode of the Tick Boot Camp podcast. In this episode, we had the pleasure to host Dr. Moses Laufer, a renowned doctor with substantial experience in treating Lyme disease patients. Alongside Dr. Laufer was our co-host Dani Tygr, a previous guest on our podcast and an amazing hairstylist who’s not only a Lyme warrior but also a patient of Dr. Laufer.

Introduction: Meet our guest, Dr. Moses Laufer, who’s made significant strides in the treatment of Lyme disease. With our co-host, Dani Tygr, we explore Dr. Laufer’s approach to diagnosing and treating Lyme disease, considering factors often overlooked in traditional medicine.

Holistic Approach in Lyme Disease Treatment: Chronic conditions, such as Lyme disease, often require an innovative approach in their treatment. Dr. Laufer shares his experiences training physicians across the United States in unconventional treatment protocols focusing on factors that trigger inflammation, particularly in the gut.

Balancing Hormones While Undergoing Lyme Disease Treatment: Dr. Laufer highlights the potential benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement as a supportive therapy for balancing hormones while undergoing Lyme disease treatment. He stressed this is an important first step that results in some symptom relief and primes your body to better receive Lyme treatment.

The Impact of Lyme on Mental Health: Anxiety and emotional disturbances are common among Lyme patients. Our co-host, Dani, shares her experiences dealing with anxiety due to Lyme, emphasizing the importance of considering mental health during treatment. Dr. Laufer provides guidance on managing anxiety and mental health symptoms when dealing with Lyme.

Personalizing Lyme Disease Treatment: Dr. Laufer emphasizes the necessity of personalized treatment for Lyme disease. He shares his approach to addressing inflammation, hormonal issues, and building an immune response before incorporating antibiotics or alternative antimicrobials into the treatment regime.

Antibiotics for Lyme Disease: Dr. Laufer warns that antibiotics have a negative impact on gut health. If patients decide to proceed with antibiotics, he provides guidance on mitigating the risks of antibiotics. Additionally, Dr. Laufer emphasized one antibiotic will never be effective for Lyme and that a combination of antibiotics to address Lyme’s spirochetal, round body, cell deficient, and biofilm forms, as well as intracellular Lyme bacteria, must be used. He identifies a wide range of antibiotics and highlights which ones work best for all the different forms of Lyme.

Role of Peptides and Diet in Lyme Disease Treatment: Dr. Laufer explains the potential benefits and drawbacks of all different types of peptides in Lyme disease treatment. He also underscores the importance of diet in managing symptoms and shares strategies for identifying foods that trigger gut dysfunction.

Bringing Light to Unseen Battles and Unheard Voices: Dr. Moses Laufer, a relentless advocate for patients battling invisible illnesses, offers a profound perspective on the unseen intensity of their struggle. His unique ability to convey the magnitude of their battle not only gives a voice to those immersed in the depths of such challenges, often misunderstood by others, but also enlightens those who stand beside them, unable to fully comprehend their experience. For many, like Dani’s husband Philip and others in immediate families, hearing about the taxing reality of these illnesses from Dr. Laufer—a medical professional—is pivotal in gaining a clearer understanding. His passionate representation is an invaluable source of awareness and empathy, bridging the gap between the invisible battles and those standing on the outside.

Significance of Physical Activity for Lyme Patients: Regular physical activity can significantly improve the health of Lyme patients who are well enough. Physical activity will look different for patients depending on where they are in their healing journey. It can include gentle movement and stretches in bed, slow walks, or even muscle-building exercises and cardio. Dr. Laufer encourages patients to incorporate it into their daily routine to support their recovery process.

Join us as we delve deep into the world of Lyme disease treatment, learning from the experiences and wisdom of Dr. Moses Laufer. This episode is a wealth of knowledge for anyone dealing with Lyme disease or chronic conditions in general.

Remember, the show notes contain key information discussed in the podcast, but for a more comprehensive understanding, tune into the full episode.