Episode 363: Melody of Healing – an interview with Jimmy Pemberton


In this episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing Jimmy Pemberton, a successful entrepreneur, musician, and Lyme Disease warrior.

Early Life and Lyme Disease Awareness
Born and raised just north of Lyme, Connecticut, Pemberton was aware of Lyme disease and its typical symptoms, such as fatigue and achy joints. However, his understanding of the disease was minimal until his own journey unfolded. As an athlete, and particularly as a golfer, he encountered ticks quite often, but he never suspected the significant impact they would eventually have on his life.

Career and Pre-Lyme Life
Pemberton led a fulfilling, hybrid life of building or helping others build companies, playing gigs in front of large audiences, and teaching students. The sense of fulfillment and excitement in his life started to change when his health took an unexpected turn.

The Onset of Lyme Disease Symptoms
Pemberton experienced a decline in his health shortly after taking a COVID-19 vaccine. He began to experience flu-like symptoms, which gradually escalated. Within 7-8 days post-vaccination, Pemberton started to feel unusually sick. The symptoms took a toll on him, both physically and emotionally, resulting in him ending up in the ER.

Diagnosis Journey
In the ER, doctors took notice of Pemberton’s symptoms and suspected Lyme disease. A nurse practitioner, Beth Galon, suspected that Pemberton had Lyme for a while, and his immune system could no longer keep control over the Lyme post-vaccination. A subsequent IGeneX test confirmed his diagnosis of Lyme disease and Bartonella.

Emotional Impact and Support
The diagnosis and debilitating symptoms left Pemberton in a constant state of fight-or-flight, impacting his emotional well-being. However, he found comfort and validation in his regular appointments with his chiropractor, who was aware of his changes and consistently reassured him of his progress.

The Healing Journey
Pemberton began his healing journey with a slow start, avoiding pushing his body too hard. His healing process included regular sauna sessions to detoxify his body and lessen the Herxheimer reaction. He also found relief in cold water immersion therapy, which helped in resetting his nervous system.

Spiritual Healing
Pemberton also found solace in spiritual healing practices like meditation and Reiki. He turned to meditation to connect his mind, body, and spirit, while Reiki helped align his electromagnetic field, creating space for his body to heal.

The Role of Nutrition and Exercise
Proper nutrition and exercise played a crucial role in Pemberton’s healing journey. He followed an anti-inflammatory diet and maintained a regular workout regimen. His functional medicine doctor ensured regular blood work every four to six months to monitor his hormones and vitamin and mineral levels.

Current Status and Future Plans
Currently, Pemberton is in remission and has resumed his regular life. He is determined to use his experience to help others battling Lyme disease. He believes in the importance of emotional support for Lyme patients and recommends resources like the Tick Boot Camp Podcast to guide them through their journey.

Pemberton’s journey with Lyme disease is a testament to his resilience and determination. He highlights the importance of a multi-faceted approach to healing, incorporating physical, emotional, and spiritual practices. Despite the challenges, Pemberton continues to thrive and uses his experience to inspire and guide others on their healing journeys.

You can connect with Jimmy on Instagram @JimmyPemberton and TikTok @JimmyPemberton.