Episode 356: Vagus Clinic – an interview with Stephanie Canestraro


In this podcast, we explore Dr. Stephanie Canestraro's personal journey with Lyme disease, her diagnosis and treatment experiences, and her advice for others dealing with the condition or looking to protect their families from tick-borne illnesses.

Introduction to Dr. Stephanie Canestraro

  • Profession: Institute for Functional Medicine practitioner at Vagus Clinic, Chiropractor, Functional Medicine University practitioner
  • Location: Toronto, Canada, with occasional stays in the Dominican Republic and the United States

Life Before Lyme Disease

  • Healthy and resilient
  • Saw over 20 patients a day as a chiropractor

First Experience with Lyme Disease

  • First symptoms at age 27 in 2009
  • Neurological symptoms, muscle fasciculations, joint pain, night terror, and more
  • Misdiagnosed with celiac disease, benign fasciculation syndrome, and a tentative diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS)

Lyme Disease Diagnosis

  • Diagnosed at age 39 after seeing over 20 doctors
  • Diagnosis made through a blood test and clinical evaluation
  • The doctor that owns CellCore helped with the diagnosis

Treatment for Lyme Disease

  • Ongoing treatment since November 2021
  • Utilizes various treatments such as frequency therapy, neural therapy, ozone therapy, herbs, homeopathics, antibiotics, immune and nervous system regulation, and more
  • Currently around 70-90% back to her old self

Life After Lyme Disease

  • Now working as a medical professional treating many chronic Lyme patients
  • Resuming social life
  • Travels with various supplements and tinctures to manage symptoms

Advice for Those Battling Lyme Disease

  • Try alternative treatments and therapies not covered by mainstream medicine
  • Focus on clearing lymph and maintaining a healthy gut
  • Eliminate toxic relationships and trust that there are answers

Tips for Protecting Families from Tick Diseases

  • Educate on stealth pathogens, toxicities, and the importance of gut health
  • Be aware that Lyme can be transmitted through various means, not just ticks
  • Keep treatments and preventative measures on hand

Dr. Stephanie Canestraro’s Education and Professional Experience

  • Degree in Health Science with a major in Biochemistry
  • Completed courses by Dr. Kharrazian and read numerous books on Lyme disease and functional medicine

Join us in this enlightening podcast episode as we dive deep into Dr. Stephanie Canestraro’s journey with Lyme disease, her path to recovery, and her valuable insights for those dealing with the condition or looking to protect their loved ones from tick-borne illnesses.