Episode 348: Re-Origin of Neuroplasticity – an interview with Ben Ahrens


In this episode, we chat with Ben Ahrens, the founder of Re-Origin, about his inspiring journey to recover from Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease using neuroplasticity. At the age of 25, Ben found himself bedridden for over 3 years, despite conventional medical treatment. It was then that he discovered neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to reorganize itself and form new neural connections.

Ben attended an online class in neuroanatomy at UC Berkeley and learned about the incredible results that applied neuroscience or "neuroplasticity training" had achieved with chronic pain, physical rehab, and even immune-related conditions. He realized that the brain is the "chief orchestrator" of all mental, physical, and emotional processes and decided to heal himself with this approach.

Over the years, Ben consulted with top neuroscientists and doctors from around the world, eventually developing a program and process called The Brain Trust™ that could replicate his success at scale for a wide range of debilitating conditions. This program serves as the cornerstone of Re-Origin.

Through the power of neuroplasticity, Ben healed himself from Lyme, CFS, and Hypersensitivity disorder. He joined forces with Innovative Medicine, earning advanced certifications in biological medicine and becoming an AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner in the state of New York. Together, they work on untangling some of the world’s most complex chronic conditions.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the power of neuroplasticity could provide hope for a new path to recovery, tune in now!