Episode 326: Kitchen Remedy – an interview Dianna Brescia


Dianna Brescia is a holistic wellness coach, the entrepreneurial founder of Kitchen Remedy and native New Yorker residing in sunny California.

Ms. Brescia grew up in the bosom of an ethnic New York Italian family. The practice of daily food preparation during her childhood had nurtured and connected her with her culture and family despite being “unable to function like a normal person or do normal things”.

At the age of 25, she began to lose her vision and brain function. The severe symptoms caused her to visit a hospital and several doctors including a a neuro ophthalmologist. After she tested negative for Lyme disease, her doctors diagnosed her with intracranial hypertension caused by “bad luck”.

Hopeful that a change of environment would offer her an opportunity to overcome a healing plateau, she moved from New York to California. There she connected with folks on social media and was told by Micaela Hoo (Tick Boot Camp Podcast episode 318) that her health symptoms “sounded kind of Lymie ” and recommended that she visit LLMD Dr. Erica Lehman.

Utilizing IGeneX testing, Ms. Brescia tested positive and began treatment for Lyme disease. She was also inspired to serve the chronic illness community by building a business around the physical, emotional and spiritual healing powers of food.

If you would like to learn more about how Lyme disease took a holistic wellness coach back home to the nurturing power of food, then tune in now!

PS Daisy White special guest co-hosted this interview with Rich from Tick Boot Camp!