Episode 311: Socially Serving – an interview with Sarah Lombard


Sarah Lombard is a 27-year-old social media marketing, management, and creation professional from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Prior to attending college, she enjoyed a very social teen life that included “the worst diet known to man”. She would “eat candy and cookies for lunch with some fries and coming home, starving, eating frozen dinners and spoons full of sugar”.

At the age of 17 she began to get sick. She suffered monthly infections, stomach aches, lethargy, lack of motivation and anxiety. Her symptoms forced her to seek treatment from so many doctors she “lost count”.

After being misdiagnosed with various illnesses and undergoing several procedures and tests, a co-worker recognized her symptoms and referred her to a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD). A blood test confirmed her co-workers suspected Lyme disease diagnosis.

Post diagnosis treatment began with clearing her “gut from yeast and parasites” followed by the “Cowden protocol with liquid tinctures for 9 months”. She then turned to “Disulfiram but it’s an extremely hard regimen and it made [her] too sick to function so [she] had to stop”.

If you would like to learn more about how Lyme disease inspired a young woman to use her professional skill set to socially serve the community, then tune in now!

PS Ashley Marba special guest co-hosted this interview with Rich from Tick Boot Camp!