Episode 306: Furry Friends – an interview with Karen Widaman


Karen Widaman is a 62-year-old certified dog trainer and owner of a large dog training company from Glendora, California.

Despite working in a high-risk industry, Ms. Widaman was unaware of that her contact with thousands of dogs increased her Lyme vulnerability. In 2015, she began to suffer from stomach, foot, and hand pain her doctors believed to be unrelated symptoms in part because she tested negative for Lyme disease.

Unrelenting symptoms forced to treat with a plethora of medical doctors including internists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, oncologists, and infectious disease doctors. In desperation, she sought out a “natural doctor” who retested her for Lyme utilizing a test from IGeneX.

Testing positive for Lyme disease offered Ms. Widaman a path forward. The Integrated Natural Medical Clinic began treatment with herbal supplements utilizing the Buhner protocol and ozone therapy followed up with stem cell, nutritional therapies, and SOT therapy.

Today, Ms. Widaman is pain free and functioning at a high level utilizing supportive therapies to reduce inflammation and support for her immune system. If you would like to learn why a professional dog trainer had to leave the old dogs in the medical community to learn new tricks from an integrative medical discipline to heal, then tune in now!

PS Tiara Smith special guest co-hosted this interview with Rich from Tick Boot Camp!