Episode 303: Nervous System Health – an interview with Samantha Lynn


Samantha Lynn is a 31-year-old Nutritional Therapy Practitioner from Missouri. She’s also a Vaccine Education Specialist and Transformation Touch Practitioner.

Ms. Lynn had many events occur in her early life that contributed to her declining health leading up to her crash at 21 years old after receiving two vaccines. She ended up in the Emergency Room (ER) and then followed up with a variety of doctors.

Finally, a hypnotherapist referred Ms. Lynn to a functional neurologist where she began her real holistic healing journey. She also started to study the work of Irene Lyon and became an expert in the nervous system, which was pivotal in her healing journey.

If you’d like to learn more about how an unbalanced nervous system can prevent you from healing chronic Lyme disease and how activating the parasympathetic nervous system can significantly assist in healing, then tune in now!

PS Margaux Gunning special guest co-hosted this interview with Matt from Tick Boot Camp!

PPS Ms. Lynn provided a private link to Tick Boot Camp listeners for a free video training from nervous system expert Irene Lyon to learn more about healing trauma (medical, physical, emotional, etc.) and how to move from a state of survival, anxiety, and stuckness to one of hope, possibility, and potential.