Episode 294: You Had Me at Chocolate – an interview with Ali Lazowski


Ali Lazowski is the 31-year-old John’s Hopkins University educated founder and CEO of Bare Life. Bare Life is a company that creates “crave worthy and easy to enjoy plant based and gluten free foods, inspired by Ms. Lazowski’s journey with chronic Lyme disease”.

Undiagnosed Lyme disease symptoms began to interfere with Ms. Lazowski’s goal driven life during her junior year in high school. Beginning with “utter exhaustion, horrible headaches, brain fog, [difficulties] focusing, and a constant low-grade fever”, her illness progressed to include “joint pain”.

She suffered in constant pain without a diagnosis for 8 years despite treating with “north of 30 different doctors”. Finally, at the age of 25, she granted permission to “cry… with relief” when a blood test indicated that she was positive for Lyme, Babesia and Anaplasmosis.

Treatment with a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor included various antibiotics and antibiotic cocktails. The 3 “game changing” healing plan interventions were: 1. working with a psychologist to learn how to read her body signals, 2. dietary changes that removed dairy, gluten, and refined sugar, and 3. Cord stem cell therapy.

If you would like to learn more about how Lyme disease inspired Ali Lazowski to create great tasting gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free chocolate, then tune in now!

PS Nicoleta Forbes special guest co-hosted this interview with Rich from Tick Boot Camp!