Episode 288: Food, Fitness, and Fashion – an interview with Amanda Millie


Amanda Millie is a 35-year-old model, blogger and podcaster from London, England.

Shortly after Ms. Millie’s family immigrated from Africa to the UK, she was bitten by a tick on a school camping trip. She “picked off the tick and moved on with [her] life” because she was “unaware of what that bite meant”.

Around the age of 19, Ms. Millie “started getting intense fatigue” which she attributed to lifestyle changes she felt compelled to make to advance her career in the fashion modeling industry. Ms. Millie’s pursuit of food deprivation and high intensity exercise bolstered her modeling career and at the same time her undiagnosed Lyme disease symptoms, including, night sweats, headaches, brain fog, and hair loss.

The next decade of Ms. Millie’s life was punctuated by “a lot of doctors’ visits” and new symptoms. After visiting over 20 “private pay” doctors that caused her to collect several misdiagnoses, she was referred to a Lyme disease clinic in London. There, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease and prescribed a 10 step “personalized treatment protocol”.

Today, Ms. Millie has rebuilt her health by reorganizing her career and reconnecting with a healthy food and exercise regimen. If you would like to learn more about how Lyme disease forced a fashion model to return to her traditional lifestyle choices to support healing, then tune in now!