Episode 286: Escaping Toxicity – an interview with Dina Benedetto


Dina Benedetto is a 38-year-old beauty and skin care industry professional from Long Island, New York.

Ms. Benedetto’s Lyme disease journey was ignited by a common stomach virus that infected several members of her family at the same time. While her family’s symptoms dissipated, her illness became increasingly more severe. She suffered from confusion, heart palpitations, air hunger, anxiety, and panic attacks.

As her symptoms progressed, the fearless former lacrosse athlete and driven business professional began to lose faith in her ability to heal. Her escalating symptoms caused her to think she was dying.

Finally, her primary care physician tested her using a full “tick panel” that revealed she was suffering from “late-stage neurological Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Epstein Barr Virus”.

After her diagnosis, she treated with a primary care physician, 2 infectious disease doctors, a gastroenterologist, and finally a holistic practitioner. Utilizing traditional antibiotics, herbal remedies, CBD oil, and detoxification baths she began to rebuild her health. Unfortunately, she has recently come to understand that her dream career and the consequent chemical exposure is triggering her current health ebbs and flows. After “two days of facials, [she] literally cannot move”.

If you would like to learn more about how a beauty industry professional residing in a Lyme endemic community learned how her chemical exposure suppressed her immune system and made her vulnerable to chronic Lyme disease, then tune in now!