Episode 282: Dancing in the Lyme Light – an interview with Ali Goodman


Ali Goodman is a 24-year-old dancer and Pilates instructor from San Diego, California.

Ms. Goodman’s young life has been punctuated by a passion for the performing arts and health challenges that would hinder her artistic progress. “Never feeling completely normal,” she and her family had to deal with random medical anomalies from the time [she] was born.

Undeterred by a “different [medical] diagnosis” from more than 15 doctors, she was a straight A student, and “danced rigorously”. By the age of “16 or 17” her symptoms became so severe and deteriorating that she “thought [she] was going to die”.

For the next two years she suffered from debilitating chronic Lyme disease symptoms such as “brain fog, fatigue, heart palpitations, fevers, joint and muscle pains, and migraine headaches”. Shortly after her 19th birthday, she was finally diagnosed with congenital Lyme disease, a diagnosis confirmed by urine and blood tests in addition to a “neuroquant mri”.

After learning she was suffering from a congenital disease, Ms. Goodman and her family moved forward with holistic treatments that arrested and remitted the Lyme bacteria allowing her to now focus on treatment for bartonella, mold toxicity, and MCAS”.

Today, Ms. Goodman is inspiring the Lyme community with her Instagram advocacy page Dancing.In.The.LymeLight. If you would like to learn more about how a performing artist is using dance and movement as an element of her physical and emotional healing plan, then tune in now.

PS Dani Tygr special guest co-hosted this interview with Rich from Tick Boot Camp!