Episode 280: Stick to Your Gut – an interview with Emily Hogan


Emily Hogan is a nurse and health coach specializing in gut health from Seattle Washington. She is the founder of the “Stick to Your Gut” health coaching business.

Ms. Hogan began her Lyme disease journey while she was studying nursing during her sophomore year of college. She was studying abroad when she began to suffer a lengthy flu-like illness that she decided to ignore despite her gut telling her otherwise.

Shortly after she returned from her foreign studies, she became gravely ill with “extreme GI issues”. She was rushed to the hospital and when her tests “came back negative” she was introduced to the dark side of western medicine: gaslighting.

After 3 years of misdiagnosis and treatments that served to exacerbate her illness, she pivoted away from the modern medical system she “full heartedly believed in” and visited a naturopathic doctor. There she tested positive for Lyme on an IGeneX blood test and began to heal by using antibiotics and natural modalities such as herbals, probiotics, acupuncture, and sauna treatments.

After being failed by the medical system she “dedicated her whole heart and life to” that “left [her] with nothing when [she] needed it most,” she began to study health coaching. While continuing to “work at the bedside” as a western trained nurse, she believed she had to supplement her training “to support others who were going through life experiences” similar to her Lyme disease journey.

After learning from personal experience that “our gut and nutrition are both the most vital components to our healing journey,” she built a successful health coaching business. If you would like to learn more about how a western educated nurse learned to coach people on how to remove gut triggers, adapt diets to nourish the gut, and create a plan for long term healing, then tune in now!