Episode 274: The Healing Rod – an interview with Hilary Jane


Hilary Jane is a 32-year-old multidisciplinary artist, entrepreneur, and internationally recognized tattoo artist from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Her Lyme disease symptoms began when she was in her early 20s. She suffered a “gigantic bullseye rash on [her] thigh that kept spreading.” The rash got infected, triggering her to seek treatment from a medical doctor that “didn’t catch on to what it really was.” She believed the rash was from “a spider bite or maybe Lyme,” but her speculation was not supported by her doctors.

For the next 10 years her artistic endeavors progressed, and her career offered her the opportunity to travel the world. Her extreme travel, social, and work schedules suppressed her immune system causing her to develop progressively debilitating symptoms, eventually resulting in total burnout.

Seeking solutions to her health crisis, she turned to a naturopathic doctor. The naturopath diagnosed her with Lyme disease and treated her with “supplements, detoxing, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and infrared sauna.” The game changing treatment for Hillary Jane was the discovery and use of ancient Egyptian healing rods.

If you would like to know more about how an internationally renowned artist used an ancient treatment to make significant health gains, then tune in now!