Episode 272: Transforming Hearts – an interview with Blakeley Boyd


Blakeley Boyd is a 20-year-old farm girl from Alabama who has a heart of gold and a passion for spreading the love of Jesus to those around her. She spent her growing up years with her eight siblings working her farm with her dad and being homeschooled by her mom. All growing up Blakeley often was there always offering a helping hand to those who need it. That good work ethic and passion for loving others running through her veins drove her to dream of doing mission work into her adult years. At a young age, Blakeley felt greatly called to spend her life being the hands and feet of Jesus.

When Blakeley was 17 years old, she quite suddenly developed many unexpected symptoms that left her incapacitated and seemingly cemented to her couch for a time. She spent her first year of Lyme looking for a diagnosis, suffering greatly, and treating her Lyme and coinfections with antibiotics. With little results seen on that path, Blakeley and her mother went searching for answers for other alternative treatments that placed her feet on the path of healing.

At this time, Lyme and coinfections seemed to rob Blakeley of her dreams and deprive her of her capability to do anything she had once done or ever desired to do. Blakeley also found that she lost many friendships and relationships due to her persistent suffering. And like many of those in the Lyme community, that hindered her ability to heal.

About a year and a half into her Lyme journey, Blakeley was able to connect to the chronic illness community online and eventually meet some of her best friends and community. Throughout these experiences, Blakeley is well on her way to healing now and beautifully finding ways to fulfill her dream of being the hands and feet of Jesus through The Chronically Care Project, despite her suffering.

If your interest is piqued, and you want to know how a small-town girl from Alabama is healing from Lyme through Jesus and a constant drive to transform hearts, tune in now!

P.S. Claire Dalton, Blakeley’s best friend whom she because of their commonalities in Lyme and in life, special guest co-hosted this episode with Matt from Tick Boot Camp! You don’t want to miss this episode all about The Chronically Care Project, how it can help you, and how you can get involved in giving back to the Lyme and chronic illness community!

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