Episode 268: HatchPath – an interview with Jordan Dunin


This week Tick Boot Camp and special co-host Nicole Bell interviewed the charismatic Founder and CEO of HatchPath.io: Jordan Dunin. Mr. Dunin’s Lyme disease journey inspired him to build built a platform designed to match patients with vetted professional health and life coaches.

Mr. Dunin was diagnosed with Lyme disease at the age of 20. Prior to the diagnosis, he was an elite Canadian Jr hockey player in high school and college. His path to professional hockey was interrupted by multiple short-term illnesses and then a traumatic brain injury.

When Mr. Dunin’s brain injury failed to respond to treatment, his doctors began to suspect that his immune system was compromised. He was initially tested for Lyme with a traditional western blot and then eventually tested positive on the German ArminLabs test.

Like many Lyme patients, Mr. Dunin was forced to abandon the western medical system to rebuild his health. Utilizing Rife therapy, “completely changing [his] diet,” and changing his mindset and lifestyle, he overcame debilitating Lyme symptoms.

If you would like to learn more about how former elite athlete found health and happiness by completely changing his mindset and lifestyle, then tune in now!